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Welcome to the TED House Bill 122 website, where you can view annual operating budgets of Georgia cities, counties, and school districts that are one million dollars or above.

View Our Budget Documents

Any of our approved budget documents are viewable by the public without having any credentials or needing to log in. Just click on the Open or Download Documents link on the left of the page. You are able to search for budget documents by fiscal year, document type, and by county, city, or school district.

Upload Budget Documents

If you need to upload any budget documents to this system, you need to log in. You can gain access to the system by going through the account creation process by clicking Local Budget Login and following the directions there.

About the TED Center

The TED Center is a place to learn more about local fiscal conditions in Georgia. This Center is part of the State's commitment to providing an open government for Georgians. The University of Georgia develops and maintains this Center in partnership with the Georgia General Assembly to provide community specific financial information to the public.